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20 TRACTORS 3 & 4 axle with and without sleepers

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4 axle sleeper cab tractor with 50' 3 axle trailer4 axle day cab loaded with 90' piling on a stinger steer trailer (logging type trailer)3 axle day cab tractor, 2 axle jeep and 3 axle steer car.Same unit as on the left, manuvering a left hand turn with over 100 feet of pipe pile"Just in time" Delivery of steel to compleate the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center

FLATBED TRAILERS. From 30 to 53 foot flatbed in two, three and four axle configurations.

STEP DECK FLATBED. Sound Delivery offers step decks for large items that would be overheight or unsafe to transport on conventional trailers.

CURTAIN SIDE."Tautliner" trailers.When side loading and unloading is an option, these units make sure weather sensative items stay dry at all times.

EXPANDABLE FLATBED. These units operate from a closed length of 45 feet to an open length of 65 feet. These units can handle freight up to 90 feet long depending on commodity and weight.

STEER CAR OPERATIONS. Sound Delivery offers Steer car service that can be configured for loads up to 200' long. (restrictions apply to route, load & delivery points)

STINGER STEER. (log type trailer seen above). We operate two stinger steer trailers for material ranging from 70' to 90' long.

FORKLIFTS. With 7 machines we have one to fit your needs. Our lifts range from 4,000 to 60,000 pounds in capacity.